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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well if you've been wanting to add a ton of subscribers to your email list once again, then I've got good news!

Once again the Easter JV Giveaway is back for 2011. It's only in the pre-launch stage at this point, and people are gearing up already.

It's now in it's 5th consequtive year. Once again smart marketers are getting together and coming on board and collectively adding hundreds of subscribers to their email lists.

This is the original and most famous Easter JV Giveaway of them all. Last year there were over 20,000 new subscribers in total added to contributors lists. This year the event promises to once again be a HUGE draw.

Guido Nussbaum and Davin Ogden have teamed up this year to bring the event to you. Both Guido and Davin are known for teaming up in the past with the original New Years Giveaway as well.

The Easter JV Giveaway was originally started by Brad Smith 5 years ago. It quickly became the most successful yearly giveaway of them all throughout the year. Later Brad handed off the running of the giveaway to Guido Nussbaum, who has been successfully running it ever since.

As usual, the giveaway features some great cash prizes for the contributors who get involved. There is over 0 dollars up for grabs in the years event!

The earlier you get involved the better. I'm already signed up, and you should be to. Once you begin gathering other contributors to come on board it will start putting you in the running for one of the giveaways prizes.

The official open date for members is April the 4th, 2011. It's going to be one hell of a ride with some very powerful marketers promoting the event.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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